Event Highlights

LIVE - NASH | June 19, 2019

Healthcare influencers from Nashville and beyond came together at Vanderbilt's Innovation Center, the Wond'ry, for a full day of interactive sessions. With a focus on Design Thinking and Storytelling for healthcare leaders and their organizations, a unique variety of presenters led participants to think differently about how they communicate their experiences, strategies, and vision.

A special thanks to our amazing guest speakers, including David Nour, Lin Wilson, David Hutchens, Greg Rosner, Marcus Whitney, Victoria Van Voorhis, Ken Robbins, and Alex Kramer.

"Great forum to learn from and network with industry experts working on a variety of critical health tech solutions."

"Best event I've been to in years!"

"The event had a great cross-section of attendees. Intimate setting with full participation. Presentations utilized fact-based arguments and made a persuasive case. Please continue to deliver events like this one."

"It was a refreshing approach and great experience and we got to discuss items that need work within our company."

ROUNDTABLE - NASH | April 25, 2019

Honeysuckle Local and Social provided the backdrop for our April Roundtable in Nashville. Jessica Harthcock, CEO of Utilize Health, shared how her own life-changing injury fueled her passion for dramatically improving patient experiences. Attendees also had the chance to hear best-selling author Chester Elton's message, The Best Team Wins: The New Science of High Performance. 

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