Membership Benefits

Your Membership Includes

Unlimited Events

All events throughout the year - from Roundtables to our annual Summit - are included free of charge with your membership.

Unique Peer Group Community

Membership is by invitation only, with each Group limited to 12-16 professionals in a strict non-compete and non-solicitation structure.

Fund Access

A $10 million Seed and Early Growth Fund is available for accredited investors to participate in, funding early-stage health tech entrepreneurs with smart capital of advisors, board members, investors, and test sites.

We're Your Guide

Beginning with your New Member Onboarding, you'll have a personal guide who will help you on your journey from Now to Next.

World-Class Content

Strategy Visualization, Rapid-Cycle Learning®, Decision Velocity, and Business Model Generation are just a few of the topics we'll deliver throughout the year. We also offer CME® credits for select events.

Health NXT Structure

Our intimate groups and year-long programing are designed to educate, engage, and influence how our members think about and lead real change in their health organizations

You Join a Group in Your City

Today, we’re in Atlanta, Birmingham, and Nashville. In the coming months, we’ll expand to several more cities, with a goal of adding up to 12 new cities a year to create a truly global footprint of healthcare thought- and practice-leadership.

Each City is Led by a Chair

Think of them as your guide in this journey of personal and professional growth. They’re seasoned consultants, coaches, and advisors who lead groups in each city, moderate discussions, and provide (optional) coaching to support your growth.

Each City is Governed by a Volunteer Board

From Membership and Content to Summit, Technology, and Fund, this is a gathering of health executives by and for health executive peers.

All City Boards are Led by a National Executive Committee

A national Executive Committee governs the Health NXT direction and ultimate destination. From Annual Summit locations and programing, to the investments made by the Health NXT Fund, you have an active voice in the future of this vibrant community.

Premium Membership Upgrades

Executive Coaching

Your City Chair is an experienced executive coach who can spend more one-on-one quality time with you to help you grow, personally and professionally. Some of our Members explore job changes, relocation, or simply feel the glass ceiling in their current roles.


Two- to three-day leadership programs throughout the year at world-class events such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), South by Southwest (SxSW), World Business Forum, Fast Company Innovation Festival, The Milken Institute, and The Aspen Institute, to name a few.

Why Should You Invest in Health NXT Membership?

Sure, the status quo is comfortable.
But consider the costs of not changing, of not getting ahead of the disruption in the industry: 

Stagnant organizational posture toward very real and fast-approaching change
Missed opportunities for partnerships that are essential for change within the healthcare landscape
Decreased revenue as competitors overtake active growth in the healthcare sector
Lack of funding for the resources needed for your innovation or change initiatives
Shortage of environments where you can pilot and test the new ideas and products you create
Possibility of being professionally left behind or overlooked in your organization, and within the greater healthcare industry